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Mind, Body, & Boudoir


What is Boudoir?

  • Boudoir is tasteful photography capturing the best version of yourself!

  • It is documenting and celebrating the beautiful person that you are, inside & out!

  • It is taking a moment to say to yourself "I love you and all that you do for me!"

  • The opportunity to give yourself an amazing luxury experience you deserve!

" confidence is the sexiest thing you can own"

Love Notes

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Your Photographer

Hi there!

Welcome to V Cellina Photography. 

I’m Vannity, but you can call me V if you’d like. I’m your Connecticut boudoir photographer and I specialize in capturing the best version of all kinds of people.

You want to know the important stuff right? The things that will make you say "yeah I need her!" 

To put it simply I'm a wife, mama, matcha lover, Greys Anatomy groupie, chocolate covered pretzels addict, book worm, that counts late night drives around the block as

an outing. 

Find any of that relatable? Then I think I might

be your photographer...Can't wait to hear

from you!


Can I really do this?

  • Can you trust someone to pamper and pose you?Then yes!

  • Do you value yourself, and find yourself worthy of an amazing luxury experience? Then yes!

  • Thicker, thinner, younger, older, taller, shorter, brown skin, blue, or green! This is for you!

  • Do you want to hold memories of your best self forever? Yes!



"life begins at the end 
of your comfort zone"