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There's nothing more intimate than self-love. "Hey, here's a luxury photoshoot experience for you because you are so beautiful and special to me!". What better way to tell someone you love them? That you love yourself?

This gift goes both ways. Want to have even more fun with your gift? Turn it into a couples shoot!

Everyone loves flowers and chocolates, but is it out of the box? Personal? No. Show them you didn't just pick this up on the way home, you invested in them with a thoughtful intimate gift that lasts FOREVER.

A boudoir photoshoot takes confidence and planning. Choosing your photographer is half the battle (which I kind of already did for you, no?). Take into consideration your photographer's portfolio and personality. Your connection matters. You want to be as comfortable as possible. A photographer should help you from beginning to end with outfits, posing, all the way down to help you with what products you'll order for yourself, or a loved one.

You’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get all this done so inquire as soon as possible.

The look on your faces when you receive your photos and or albums will be priceless. Having the photos to peek at whenever either of you desires is the best part of having done your boudoir session!


Purchasing beautiful lingerie can be a part of the experience, hop back into the set you photographed in, on the day you gift your photos and or albums, what a sexy surprise! Do you need a better excuse to buy beautiful lingerie?


Life happens so fast. Friday is here, then you blink and it's Monday again! Your photoshoot takes you out of your everyday life to remind yourself and your loved one that HEY I AM AMAZING!


Everyone is unique so their experience will be unique too. We spend as much time as we need to get the best out of you. Your session is the only of our day so you are 100% our main focus of the day.

Think about your and your partner’s tastes and fantasies. Do they like sports? Let’s incorporate some favorite colors, shirts, cut-off tees, and knee-high socks. Do you relate to “the girl next door,”? We can create a naturally chic look. Maybe you're the opposite so a glam look that will drop his jaw to the floor will be the goal. Whatever you have in mind we can bring to life. And if you're drawing a blank that's where we come in! Easy!


A boudoir photoshoot is an empowering experience that unlocks parts of your sexual expression and sensuality that can be hidden behind the day to day life. It's a mental release and refresher. Some clients have called it therapy even.

All our images are printed using the best labs and are guaranteed to last a lifetime. It’s a gift that you both will cherish forever.

If you had any doubts about whether you deserve a boudoir session or your partner deserves the gifts from one, I hope this has helped!

Now, all you have to do is build up the courage to do this… if not now then when?

A boudoir photoshoot experience with V Cellina Photography makes the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.


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