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Keep reading & you'll find my tips and tricks to the aesthetic that I love.

I want to capture you and all of your amazingness so for some these are simply helpful suggestions, for others this page is completely irrelevant.

Take what you'd like!

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While its important for me to capture the realest and happiest you, I 1000% believe in aesthetic and how important feeling cute and being comfortable are for producing amazing photos.

    So below are a few tips for those that are interested or have no clue where to begin. 

     - Comfort is key. No bikinis for our outdoor session in the snow! Remember to dress for the weather and the location we are working with so we can maximize our time together. ​

     - Be aware of jewelry choices and ditch your smart watch for our session. Just a suggestion. This also goes with remembering to keep your pockets clean! Phones, keys, wallets, that vitamin you forgot to take - just take it all out of your pockets okay because its not cute! Oh and don't forget to take that hair tie off your wrist!​

     - If a spray tan is necessary for you, choose a natural tone and be sure to time it out precisely for our shoot. I'm naturally melanated, buuut I've been told two days before needed is best.​

     - Too much matchy matchy can cause a "blob" like effect so if matching is essential for you try to mix it up by wearing different textures. Ribbed, satin, knits, lace. Don't be afraid of textures!​

      - Extremely bright colors (neons/reflectives) can be distracting from the scenery, and may not photograph as desired.

     - While outfit changes are to be discussed, always have a backup handy, especially if we are doing a beach shoot or something in the woods! Juuuust incase.

​ ​

So those are the things I like to give a heads up on avoiding, here are some of my personal suggestions/ideas on what to wear:

            Things to wear: 

     - I love to shoot neutral colors! The photos always come out so dreamy. Cream, nude, Black, Grey, etc.

- Bold is beautiful too! Just refer back to the avoid list to be safe!

     - Have fun with textures! ​

     - Layers add dimension and variety to your shoot!​

     - Again keep things comfortable, flowy and breathable!

Now lets find your outfit! A few stores I can always count on:

     - TJ Maxx/Marshalls




     - Saving Paige Boutique ​

     - Amazon​

     - Forever 21

     - Urban Outfitters


     - Fashion Nova

     - Thrift stores for the win!​


     I love this part of working together so if you get stuck or need help with a final decision or even just accessory guidance email me and we will figure it out together!​