All great stories start with

      "it all started when"


it all started when my best friend asked me to take newborn photos of her first born *insert dramatic happy music*

then came her maternity photos for her second and then she even trusted me with her wedding, that's when the photographer in me was born

since then I've been enjoying my artistic outlet in this little corner of the world and so far so good, no?

i'm vannity...

You should know who you’re working with….

Vannity, Vann or V, (Cellina is my middle name)

i’m not going to write about myself in third

person here so let's start with that

because knowing who i truly am makes it so much easier when choosing a photographer to work with and trust

you’ve gotten this far because you like my work or maybe got lost in social media world and it led you here but while your here i want you to know the important stuff

born and raised in the beautiful connecticut, i really do mean that

i'm a wife and a mom, so boom right off the bat im obviously trustworthy and caring

i love to create art of course, reading, trails, binge watching every season of grey's anatomy twice a year, i thoroughly enjoy running errands - something about crossing things off a list gets me going

i’d make a killer personal assistant (ask my husband)

my favorite food is anything my mom cooks but i'm really a sweets person, ‘i want dessert after every meal’ kind of sweets person

also i'm convinced i’m pretty funny, but i guess i’ll let you be the judge of that













​of course you see my work and see some traditional posing here and there, maybe even pinterest vibes

while i love getting those “must have” shots,

i really enjoy capturing the moments

the love where you argue for a second in front of me because for the first five seconds you have no clue what to do

the love where you accidentally snort from laughing at each other from doing that cute thing only you two know is happening

the love within yourself when i hype you up

because yes you are killing this session and

you didn’t even know you were america's next top model

i want to be apart of all that, i want to freeze those moments for you

it’s those moments you become forever

grateful for having captured in five, ten, or twenty years

love and life are the heart of my business

creative and out of the box locations or ideas make my heart pitter patter - after all what is life without fun and adventures

my why is so simple, because ART. it's a part of me i can’t deny or neglect, i think my little contribution of myself and my art make the world a better place and that's something i feel good about

if you made it this far, something in there had to sound good to you....

let's chat, I can't wait to meet you!