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Top 5 Custom Photo Gifts

1. Album

Living in a digital world makes it hard to put a value on a physical copy of a photo. But that's the thing, this isn’t just any photo. This isn't one you just download and save and then go searching for in your cloud with another 14,546 pictures of your cat and screenshots of recipes we both know you aren't going to make. These are high-quality images of your best self. Photos that should and can live forever. They deserve to be in a high-quality album. The experience is luxury, so the products should be too. There’s an album for every personality. Earth-toned velvet that is soft like butter and so dreamy to look at. You can choose between a wide variety of leathers, or maybe you are going to go all out and get acrylic (smooth glass photo with a fabric binding). There are so many options and really the cover is just the beginning. Customizing your images within it makes it even more personal for yourself and your loved one.

2. ViewFinder

You may have seen this gift go viral ok TikTok. If you haven’t, check it out. This is the ultimate peek-a-boo gift for your partner. In the most appropriate way, it's nostalgic because its presentation brings you back to your childhood when you would get so excited to click through whatever slideshow images were within it. Remember that feeling? Now make it sexy. This is #2 for a reason.

3. Money clip

While I’m aware you can pay for things with a quick hover of a smartphone. I know there are some old souls out there who still love the feeling of cash in their hands. I’m one of them. Choosing your favorite image to wrap around your partner's cash is a no-brainer.

4. Wall Art

Whether it's a framed print, canvas, or my favorite, a metal print you can’t lose. You are art, nothing less. Imagine if Rose still had the bomb-a$$ boudoir painting that Jack painted of her. Her great, great-grandchildren would be mesmerized by her confidence and how beautiful she was. Also by her patience but that's a topic for another time. Wall Art can be used to display your detailed shots or portraits. Anything you want really. And they’re best placed in a personal space like your bedroom or wherever you get ready, a daily reminder that you are all that!

5. Prints Box

A prints box is a beautiful and simple way to keep your images. Whether it's natural wood or stained, linen, or metal, you'll be able to choose a beautiful box for them. One that will hold and preserve your high-quality prints for years to come. Matte or luster paper, they will be something to pull out and smile while shuffling through.

Whichever photo gift you choose to personalize for yourself or your sweetheart, remember to have fun and do more with your photos. If you’re still not sure what gift speaks to you the most, that's where your consultation comes in handy. Choosing what gift fits your personality and your desired experience best, is what I’m here for.

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